Exclusively available in the Sphinxkwartier: Sphinxbier – Blonde & Cheeky.

An easy to drink blond beer of 6% that is ideal for events and festivals. That is the perfect description of the very first ever Sphinxbeer: ‘Blond & Cheeky’. In the spring of 2019, the board of Sphinxkwartier Foundation went in search of the best brewer for this first local specialty beer. Organic brewer Jessenhofke from Hasselt was given the honour. The Jessenhofke has brewed several limited beers and has a lot of knowledge and skill. Together with the diligent work of the Sphinxkwartier Foundation, the mission was successful. And a delicious, light and fresh blond beer with the proud name ‘Blonde &Cheeky’ was born!

‘Blonde &Cheeky’ is now for sale exclusively in the Sphinxkwartier.

Taste the Sphinx beer at Muziekgieterij, The Commons, Lumière Cinema and De Ruimte. Or order it here with order form.