De Ruimte.

About De Ruimte

“A stage of and for the city. A social foundation for the community of Maastricht.”

‘De Ruimte’ an initiative of SNS is a new meeting place for and by Maastricht where activities around various themes about money are held and where new ideas are given a chance.

At ‘De Ruimte’ we literally offer you the opportunity to meet, learn and be inspired. With a good cup of coffee you can connect your laptop to the free WiFi network in the café, or make an appointment in one of the meeting rooms. Here you can discuss your dreams or your plans for the future with each other or with us to make it happen. You can also actively participate in events, such as workshops and theme afternoons on tax returns, saving, your pension or teaching your children how to deal with money. In ‘De Ruimte’ you help and motivate each other, and it becomes easier to discuss money matters.

A snack and a drink contribute to a good atmosphere. Thanks to our cooperation with ROEST, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or a drink together in the room.

Helma van Pelt, Manager of Space: “With this place we hope to connect Maastricht people and self-employed people from the neighbourhood and help with all questions about money. I look forward to welcoming many people.”

Helma van Pelt.

Manager de Ruimte | SNS Maastricht

Petrus Regoutplein 3
6211 XX Maastricht
Tel. 06-12535150

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday
From 9.30 hrs to 18.00 hrs