The Eiffel building.

About the Eiffel building

“The icon of the Sphinxkwartier”

The white edifice in the style of the new professionalism is an icon of the turbulent, industrial past of Maastricht. Every day, thousands of workers would come and practice their craft here in the factory. Then, in 2006, the curtain fell for the illustrious Sphinx. The Eiffel building is a nationally listed building and now forms a prominent part of the new Sphinxkwartier where it was given a new purpose in 2016. Now it is a place where people reside, work and live. The historic letters on the roof are the crown jewel of the building and guide visors from near and far to the Sphinxkwartier.

The Eiffel building is home to businesses such as:

The Student Hotel
The Commons
Bold Rooftopbar
The Collab
Frencken – Scholl Architects
The European Journalism Centre
Gedeelde Weelde
De Ruimte

If you think that the Eiffel building would be a great location for your business, then read our brochure to see the opportunities that the Eiffel building could offer you!

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the Eiffelgebouw.

Noord (North) - entrance at Sphinxkcour
Zuid (South) - entrance at Petrus Regoutplein

Opening hours:
Vary per organisation.