De Yogaschool Maastricht - Liselotte Spoormans

Why a yoga studio in Sphinxkwartier?

“Why not?” Liselotte Spoormans, owner of De Yogaschool Maastricht, asks herself aloud. “The Sphinxkwartier is buzzing and everything is happening. In addition, the Bassin is a wonderful place. The water has a soothing effect on people and every season here is great.”

Such a beautiful and active environment fits well with The Yogaschool Maastricht. “People are busy. With work. With the children. With everything. That’s why it’s important to relax, to have an hour for yourself every now and then. To get a little more out of your head and a little more to your body. And the yoga school can help with that”

What can visitors expect?

The Yogaschool Maastricht works with small groups “I know everyone by name and know what injuries there are”. Liselotte consciously opts for a small-scale and personal approach. This way everyone gets the necessary attention and help to perform the exercises properly.

Liselotte herself is down to earth and so are the Power Yoga classes of the Yogaschool Maastricht. Less floaty and more sweaty! “It is the ideal way of moving for people who have little time for themselves”. According to Liselotte “You relax and build focus and strength at the same time!”

Besides the physical aspect of yoga, there is also room for ‘stillness’.  The Yogaschool offers various workshops such as Yoga Nidra (also called sleep yoga) and there are meditation courses.

What do you want to achieve?

“I would like to create a community, a feeling of togetherness” says Liselotte firmly. “That’s already a bit. The people who come into the studio know each other and help each other with all kinds of things. They use each other’s network. Think of finding a handyman, a babysitter or a home.” Why yoga is important. “Yoga has something beautiful to offer everyone. Especially in this busy society in which we ‘have to’ do a lot. Yoga brings relaxation, focus, strength (physical and mental) and self-confidence. And that doesn’t just happen on the mat, you take it with you in your daily life. Yoga teaches you: you are good the way you are. And I would like to give that to everyone.


Liselotte Spoormans.


Bassinkade 3
6211 AL Maastricht

+31 (0) 6 15 43 92 09