Jewel in the crown for the Sphinxkwartier

Instagrammable Sphinxcrown







The typical crowns on the roof of the Eiffelbuilding and Loods 5 (the former Sphinxfactories) are already a landmark for visitors and residents of the Sphinxkwartier. And we believe that these landmarks deserve an extra spotlight. For that reason we now have a mobile crown jewel with room for several people. A crown where visitors can make and share their own, unique selfie or ussie via #Sphinxkwartier.

Instagrammable crown

For the production of our crown jewel we ended up at the Uitvindersgilde. This is a collective of eight entrepreneurs, each with their own knowledge, skills and (creative) input. Roland Lips and Boele Zwanenburg designed en realized an instagrammable and mobile crown with space for several people. The result is impressive: a crown jewel that is no less than 4.5 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. Complete with stairs and (LED) lighting. In the coming months and years our crown jewel appears on several locations. Sometimes on the Sphinxcour, other times on the Stadsweide or at Het Bassin.

Crown suppliers

All members of the Uitvindersgilde have different backgrounds. With joined forces they realize surprising and beautiful designs, often intended for events and / or festivals. Examples are a shocking Elektrafette, a Chaos generator and a Power Flower. The assignment to design and make a crown jewel therefore is a custom fit. Roland and Boele are happy that the sphinxcrown now is in Maastricht and ready for use. And glad to have an empty workshop, because the Uitvindersgilde is ready to tackle new assignments!