Room Escape.

Het Radium - foto Fred Berghmans

Sphinxkwartier trailblazer

Roomescape – (re)creation in the back garden of the Sphinxkwartier

Why open Roomescape in the Sphinxkwartier?

Since 2014, Nadine Pulles and Eveline Lucassen have been running Roomescape in the LABgebouw in Het Radium, the back garden of the Sphinxkwartier. ‘When we started Roomescape, it was still a new concept,’ explains Eveline. ‘We were looking for a location that we could adapt to what we needed. The Municipality of Maastricht suggested that we locate in the building, something we would have never come up with ourselves.’ The LABgebouw was a match made in heaven for Roomescape. ‘The building is rough and a bit eccentric and a wall more or less doesn’t matter,’ says Nadine about the LABgebouw. ‘It’s the exact opposite of sjiek & sjoen (beautiful & clean in the local Maastricht dialect) and we were immediately sold!’

What can visitors expect from Roomescape?

Eveline and Nadine have kept themselves busy these past few years. In addition to the room escape, visitors can also make use of the Virtual Reality Room, play a LEGO Challenge, or explore the city centre with a ‘Where’s Wally’ search. The lines of communication with the VVV Maastricht tourist information office are short and Nadine and Eveline are always ready to entertain visitors with a great day filled with activities. ‘Whether you come here with three or 250 visitors, we can offer you a few hours of entertainment or a full day programme, including catering. And we continue to develop new games. For instance outdoor activities in the Frontenpark that is located within easy walking distance,’ laughs Nadine.

What is your goal for Roomescape/Groetjes uit Maastricht?

Eveline is clear about their ambitions. ‘We hope that Het Radium will become an integral part of the Sphinxkwartier and the city centre of Maastricht. Visitors can come to the LABgebouw for recreation either with us, or our neighbours upstairs Radium Boulders. We’re located in a beautifully developed part of Maastricht that deserves much more attention. However, the raw and industrial edge should be maintained, as it perfectly reflects the character of the Sphinxkwartier!’

Room Escape

Lage Frontweg 2A
6219 PD Maastricht
Tel: 06 – 40 09 55 62

Groetjes uit Maastricht
Lage Frontweg 2A

Nadine Pulles and Eveline Lucassen
Nadine and Eveline are enthusiastically working on a platform where they bundle all their activities. A ‘Groetjes uit Maastricht’ (greetings from Maastricht) department and a ‘Groetjes uit Heerlen’ (greetings from Heerlen) department have already been established. Nadine and Eveline are happiest when their visitors have a great day out!