The Frontenpark.

About The Frontenpark

“Wandele vaan Lambèr tot Lumière”

Or to translate the Limburg dialect into plain English: a walk from the Lambertuskerk (St Lambert’s Church) to Lumière. The Frontenpark city park is the more than 20 hectares, wild and rugged back garden of the Sphinxkwartier. The park is a space for nature to blossom, for cultural heritage, and offers a perfect location for events. The dry canal that runs under Cabergerweg connects the Hoge Fronten and Lage Fronten, just as in the past. You can now walk from the Lambertuskerk on Koningin Emmaplein via the Frontenpark directly to Lumière Cinema or one of the other hotspots in the Sphinxkwartier.


Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday 00:00 - 00:00