The Sphinxpassage

The Sphinxpassage

"A jewel of culture - free and open all year round" (Tripadvisor)

The rich history of the Sphinx Quarter has been given a permanent place in the Sphinxpassage.
In this 120 meter long corridor, almost 30,000 tiles bring the history of Maastricht ceramics to life. From the establishment by Petrus Regout up to and including the closure of the factory at the Boschstraat. In 26 chapters you can walk through the history of the pottemennekes and pottevruikes and read more about the design and manufacturing process. Does the Sphinxpassage taste like more? Then book an #instagram-worthy tour that takes you through the hidden places en secret spaces of the Sphinxkwartier.

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6211 AS Maastricht
T: +31 (0)43 350 14 60

Opening hours:
From 08:00 till nightfall.

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