’t Bassin

’t Bassin

“First we eat and then we enjoy everything else.”

In the middle of the Sphinxkwartier, one of the most beautiful secrets of Maastricht is kept; The Bassin. Where goods used to be unloaded and stored, the wharf cellars are now filled with various restaurants, grand cafes and a gallery. Across the street you will find Lumière Cinema, housed in the former power plant of the Sphinx factories. Enjoy a full breakfast, lunch or dinner, visit one of the many events, catch that classic movie or rent a boat. Art lovers can buy art as well as make their own. Weather or not, Het Bassin is an ode to the good life and a safe haven for bon vivants.

Allo Allo
Dock Five
De Yogaschool Maastricht
Les Trois Seaux
Lumière Cinema
Wienkontor BK7

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